Prepare your home for Photography

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Preparing your home for Photography is a key part of the selling process. Your home needs to show at it's BEST. Online, the buyer's will not spend more than a few seconds viewing a home if they do not get a good first impression.


Taking the following steps will help your photographer to capture your home at it's best.

- Clean home thoroughly.

- Vacuum carpets.

- Wash floors.

- Wash windows.

- Wash mirrors and all glass on display.

- Touch up with paint and fill any holes or scratches on the walls.

- Declutter and remove excess furniture and family items.

- Store unnecessary items in the garage. (Leave the walls visible to enable laser measurements).

- Remove personal family photos, certificates and diplomas.

- Test all lights make sure that they work and turn them on prior to the photographer's arrival.

- In all closets, leave segments of each wall visible for the iGUIDE laser system to properly calculate the dimensions of the storage space.

- Toilet seats should be down, or closed.

- The doors on you washer and dryer should be closed.


- Clear countertops of excess appliances and items.

- Empty sinks and put away all of the dishes.

- Move garbage bins out of view.

- Remove all artwork from the refrigerator.

- Remove towels from the front of the oven.


- Clear counter tops of personal items.

- Clean mirrors, glass surfaces, toilets, tubs and shower.

- Hide bins.

- Leave shower curtains OPEN for laser measurements.

- Hang clean towels from the racks.


- Make beds and tidy the room.

- Put all toys away.

- Make sure that true valuables are removed from sight.


- Summer - make sure that the lawn is mowed and weeds removed.

- Keep toys off of the lawn and place bikes and sports items in storage.

- WINTER - keep the driveway and sidewalks shovelled and salted.

***All staging should be complete before the photographer's arrival. The photographer cannot participate in the moving of household items.***

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