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About Us

Brian Macleod

Architectural photography has been a life-long passion of mine. My first trip to the United Kingdom in 1969 helped to shape the way that I view structures.

My visual training lineage dates back to the late 1970's as an employee of Canon Cameras.  

From 1981 to 2012, my visual perspective was emboldened by my marketing employment with Conde Nast Publications (and their associated ventures).  Conde Nast publishes VOGUE, VANITY FAIR, GQ, ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST, etc.  

Sande Macleod operates our iGUIDE camera system and provides her lighting expertise to our photoshoots.

As a Real Estate Photographer, I've captured over 1,000 homes in the Edmonton, capital region.  We have e-key access to Edmonton and area MLS properties.

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